digital TIFF Bell Lightbox

digital TIFF Bell Lightbox

General Information

What is digital TIFF Bell Lightbox?

Can I watch films from anywhere in the world?

How do I create an account/log in?

Where can I view all available titles?

How can I watch films with a friend?

Do I use the same login as my TIFF Account Manager?

How do I change/reset my password?

Can I save my payment information?

Can I purchase or use a gift card?

Renting & Watching Films

How do I rent a film?

Where can I find the film I rented?

Do I have to watch the films at a specific time?

How long do I have to watch a film?

Can I start a film and come back to it later?

How long will each film be available on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox?

Can I rent a film that is available at a future date?

What is the difference between “My List” and “My Library”?

How do I add to “My Devices” and is there a limit?

Is there any Bonus Content that comes with my rental?

What is your refund and exchange policy?

Technical Support

What are the system requirements?

What are the requirements for Windows computers?

What are the requirements for Mac computers?

Can I watch content via an app on my iPhone/iPad/Apple TV?

Can I watch content on my Android device?

Can I use Chromecast?

Can I use AirPlay or mirror my screen?

Can I use Roku or a Fire TV Stick?

How can I watch from my TV?

Why does the video keep buffering?

What if my screen is black and I only hear audio?

What does “Somebody cut the wrong wire!” mean?

I can’t stream any of the content. What’s going on?