About TIFF


About TIFF

Executive and Leadership

Cameron Bailey, CEO

Douglas Allison, Chief Financial Officer

Anita Lee, Chief Programming Officer

Laura Ryan, Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Remedios, Chair

Board Members

Jennifer Baichwal
Asha Daniere
Mary DePaoli
Danis Goulet
Wes Hall
Tawfik Hammoud
Betty-Ann Heggie
Allen Lau
Devorah Lithwick
Ana P. Lopes
Laurie May
Leslie Noble
Kevin Ulrich
Mark Wellings
Michael Worb

William Marshall, Founder & Chair Emeritus

Dusty Cohl, Co-Founder
Henk Van der Kolk, Co-Founder

Former Board Chairs
(in order of service)

Martin P. Connell (Founding Chair)
Colin D. Watson
Jonathan H. Slan
Allan Gregg
Sidney M. Oland
Brendan Calder
Allen Karp
Paul Atkinson
Lisa de Wilde
Jennifer Tory