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What I'm Watching at TIFF '18: Boosie Fade

This pair of DJs (and film fans) let TIFF host the party

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Aug 30, 2018
Boosie Fade

What I’m Watching asks the friends of the Toronto International Film Festival, both old and new, what films they’re most excited to watch at this year’s Festival.

Today: James Rathbone and Jordan Sowunmi, the DJ duo and film clubbers behind Boosie Fade.


Co-founders of Boosie Fade


Number of years attending TIFF:
James: Nine
Jordan: Two

Favourite past TIFF movie:
James: Sleeping Giant — an inspiring moment at the Winter Garden for another new wave for Toronto film.
Jordan: Top Five. I don’t have a lot of "heroes" per se, but growing up, Chris Rock was one of them. He appeared at the premiere with the majority of the cast, including Rosario Dawson, Cedric the Entertainer, Jay Pharoah, and Michael Che. It was a magical moment for me.

The most movies you’ve ever seen at one Festival:
James: Seven in 2015. One year I want to try and do, like, 60 and see if my brain melts.
Jordan: A year after my first TIFF premiere, I moved to Amsterdam, so this is my first year really "doing" TIFF.

Boosie Fade, what are you watching at TIFF this year?


Cities of Last Things
dir. Ho Wi Ding

James: I’m a simple man. I see "Wong Kar Wai–esque" and I get excited.

Cities of Last Things plays TIFF on September 8, 10 and 15 as part of the Platform programme.

ifbealestreetcouldtalk 01

If Beale Street Could Talk
dir. Barry Jenkins

Jordan: I’ve been obsessively following Barry Jenkins’ every move since I saw Moonlight, and I’m delighted that we finally have something else from him to watch and think about. The James Baldwin connection makes this all the more enticing.

If Beale Street Could Talk plays TIFF on September 9 and 10 as part of the Special Presentations programme.

elephantsittingstill 0HEROA

An Elephant Sitting Still
dir. Hu Bo

James: I’m the type of filmgoer who likes a little bit of crushingly bleak cinema every once in a while. This stark debut (and, tragically, final feature) promises that and more.

An Elephant Sitting Still plays TIFF on September 12 and 15 as part of the Discovery programme.

mid90s 02

dir. Jonah Hill

Jordan: I’m a sucker for coming-of-age stories and, like many people in my generation, a sucker for ’90s nostalgia through a contemporary lens. This film looks like it’s going to deliver on both fronts. I couldn’t be happier.

Mid90s plays TIFF on September 9, 10, and 14 as part of the Special Presentations programme.


High Life
dir. Claire Denis

James: Claire Denis is the G.O.A.T. director. André 3000 is the G.O.A.T. musician. Robert Pattinson is the G.O.A.T. of my heart.

High Life plays TIFF on September 9, 11, and 14 as part of the Gala Presentations programme.