TIFF x Huawei Branded Content Campaign


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TIFF x Huawei Branded Content Campaign

Webbys Submission

Oct 26, 2017

Every smart phone can take photographs and video. Even though they’re not all equal, it can be hard to convey the difference to consumers, especially when you are not yet the best-known of the phone brands.

So how does one company stand out in a crowded marketplace, and stake a claim as the phone of choice for those who really care about capturing experiences and moments on their phone — while also connecting the brand to one of the world’s premiere moving-image institutions?

That was the challenge that Huawei approached TIFF’s team with this year: promote the Huawei P10 — a high-quality Android phone with an exceptional built-in Leica lens — to our audience of film lovers, and deliver meaningful and authentic connections at a massive scale.

The campaign we created delivered in every way, from number of impressions to media coverage to meaningful, one-to-one engagement with consumers.


The whole TIFF x Huawei campaign at the 2017 Festival was anchored around the message “Shot on Huawei P10,” conveying the quality of imagery and ease of capture that characterize the phone itself. But what made it a true success is what we shot and how we shared it.

From the TIFF x Huawei Portrait Studio, where we invited some of the most well-known and fascinating talent in the film world to sit for portraits, to our roaming coverage of all things Festival, we granted the audience both in Toronto and around the world unprecedented access to the best of the fest and seamlessly integrated Huawei’s P10 throughout the process.

This positioned the P10 as the vehicle through which TIFF’s huge worldwide audience gained the access to talent and moments that they were hungry for. Then we shared that content to our highly engaged audience across all our platforms, including our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), our website TIFF.net, and our YouTube channel.

From beautiful portraits of stars like Idris Elba, Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer, and Jake Gyllenhaal, to candid moments from the red carpet and beyond (including this viral sensation starring George Clooney) we delivered for our audience, and in the process, created “branded content” that was engaged with, shared, and discussed around the world.


Our content earned 8.6 million impressions across our social channels and website. In addition, we received 3.2 million impressions from media coverage in publications including the BBC, Vanity Fair, Mashable, Yahoo, People and many more.

The campaign exceeded expectations at every level, more than accomplishing its goals of awareness for the Huawei P10 and meaningful connection between the brand and TIFF’s audience of film lovers.