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Oct 26, 2017

Film is our lens to comment on and understand the world we live in. That’s why TIFF’s social media channels are a year-round, always-on home for film lovers. We look to cultivate and deepen our audience's interest in and appreciation for historical and contemporary film and the surrounding culture.

On Twitter, we engage everyone from film fans to famous directors and A-list talent to add depth and context to the conversations happening in the world of cinema, sharing with our followers the themes, work and issues that inspire filmmakers to create in easy-to-digest, visually engaging posts that spark dialogue. We are thought leaders on ‘Film Twitter’, championing the intersection of social justice and film, the work of emerging and underrepresented voices in cinema, and the legacy of the creators inspiring them. We treat Twitter Moments as editorial opportunities, crafting mini-features on the revolutionary roots of Filipino cinema or the women who broke the celluloid ceiling, combining compelling visuals with history and analysis of film.

On Instagram, we’ve pioneered a digital film festival (read more about the TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival here), and crafted a feed that highlights startling works of cinematography. Our Instagram stories invite our global audience to our live events, provide opportunities for Q&As with talent, and showcase accessible and digestible video essays.

On Facebook, our focus is on sharing the latest in industry news and inviting two-way conversation with our audience members. We publish a mixture of live and regular video multiple times daily during the festival in September and daily during the rest of the year to invite our global audience into the world of TIFF, and the broader world of cinema. During Festival, we do a daily live chat show on Facebook, go live from the red carpet multiple times a day with a hosted smart and witty broadcast, and live-stream our press conferences, our industry conference, on stage conversations with actors and directors, all of which offer our online audience an opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by leading voices in the industry. Through the year, we publish a mixture of scene breakdowns, video essays, video podcasts, actor-on-actor conversations, red carpet moments and much more. We treat Facebook like an always-on video stream of behind-the-scenes original pieces — like what you'd find on a Criterion-quality Blu-ray — for our audience of film lovers to tune into.

On TIFF social, the conversation is always as vivid as the films it covers, and our community gets to be a part of the world of cinema from anywhere in the world, all year long.

More information about each of our social channels — and the actual channels themselves — can be found here:

Find our Facebook here. Find our Twitter here. Find our Instagram here.