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TIFF Long Take - Ep. 87: How David Gelb revolutionized food documentary

The creator of Chef’s Table explains how he developed his signature style

Oct 17, 2018

This week on TIFF Long Take, Rob and Geoff sit down with renowned documentarian and director David Gelb. Starting with his critically acclaimed debut film, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Gelb’s aesthetically beautiful and emotionally rich profiles of great chefs have had a significant impact on the genre of food documentary. His highly influential Netflix docu-series, Chef’s Table, recently debuted its fifth season.

Gelb talks about how he fell into documentary filmmaking, the chain of events that led to the making of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and how he went about pitching Chef’s Table to Netflix.

He also talks about how he’s managed to create a consistent aesthetic across his work, how he picks and chooses which stories he wants to tell, and why the most recent season of Chef’s Table is the show’s most political yet.


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