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TIFF Long Take - Ep. 57: Understanding the Art of Film Editing

The editor of I, Tonya walks us through her process

Mar 20, 2018

Editing is one of the most integral parts of any film, yet a good editor often doesn’t receive the level of recognition that a director, cinematographer, or composer might. To take a closer look at the often underrecognized craft, Rob and Geoff sit down with one of the best film editors working today, Tatiana S. Riegel. Over her 30-year career, Riegel has worked on a number of beloved films, including Pulp Fiction, There Will Be Blood, and Lars and The Real Girl. She also recently won an Independent Spirit Award and was nominated for an Oscar.

Riegel talks about how she fell into the business of editing, her collaborations with filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Craig Gillespie, and why being a successful editor requires navigating a lot of very different personalities.

She also discusses why audience screenings are so crucial to her job, and why, despite a large disparity, women have historically had more opportunities in the editing field than they have in other disciplines like cinematography or directing.

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