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TIFF Long Take - Ep. 55: Dissecting the 90th Academy Awards

What can this year’s list of winners teach us about the direction film is going?

Mar 6, 2018

This week on TIFF Long Take, Rob and Geoff chat with Katie Rich and Richard Lawson, the hosts of Vanity Fair’s podcast Little Gold Men, about the biggest winners, surprises, and storylines that came out of the 90th Academy Awards.

Rich and Lawson chat about the thrill of seeing James Ivory and Jordan Peele step to the podium, the agony of watching Lady Bird go home empty-handed, and whether the Oscars’ preferential ballot-voting method is leading to good results.

They also talk about the uphill battle facing Black Panther’s nomination chances next year, why the Oscars’ ratings continue to fall year after year, and which films they think could sneak into the Best Picture race in 2019.

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