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TIFF Long Take - Ep. 30: How Sales Agents Became the Champions of Indie Film

Charlotte Mickie lifts the veil on just what it is they do - and how it affects a changing industry

Sep 8, 2017

If you’ve spent time at a film festival, you’ve probably heard the term “sales agent” tossed around. And while the title sounds very impressive, few of us know exactly what this mysterious person actually does, or how they contribute to the life of a film. To figure it out once and for all, Rob and Geoff sit down with one of the best sales agents in the business: Vice President of Celluloid Dreams, Charlotte Mickie.

Mickie talks about her somewhat accidental entry into the film industry, how she balances art and commerce in her role, and how she’s developed her eye for talent.

She also talks about why short films are the best calling cards for emerging talent, why film festivals are not the buyers’ market they used to be, and how her job has become more challenging in the digital age.

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