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TIFF Long Take - Ep. 11: 96% of Hollywood Writers Have Voted to Strike. Now What?

Will they or won't they? And what will you watch if they do?

Writers raise signs at wga rally
Apr 28, 2017

On Monday, 96% of Writer's Guild of America members voted to go on strike as of May 2nd. But what exactly are the writers seeking, who are the players involved, and how would a strike impact the industry and you the viewer?

To get the answers Rob sits down with Vox Culture Writer Alissa Wilkinson, who has been covering the impending work stoppage.

The two talk about why WGA members are fed up with their current contract (2:30), why too much good TV might be part of the problem (4:55), and why writers are getting paid less than they used to (9:55).

They also discuss why shows like SNL and The Daily Show have the most to lose (14:30), why streaming services like Netflix and Amazon aren't concerned (20:05), and why President Donald Trump was the biggest winner of the 2007 strike.

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