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The Cinematic Cities Initiative

"Art is central to being human. It speaks to us of the past and the future, of loss and possibility, of suffering and hope. It suggests the existence of meaning outside of ourselves, of spiritual connection, of something more."

—Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing (Therme Group Green Paper), p. 36

TIFF and Therme Group are working together to celebrate the importance of art, build stronger communities through the shared experience of film, and promote the role of art and film in creating more human cities.

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Our Partnership

"Therme Group sees spiritual wellbeing as profoundly connected to physical, mental and social wellbeing. Art and architecture are central to discussions around making cities human."

—Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing (Therme Group Green Paper), p. 36

The 10-year, philanthropic partnership will feature three initiatives, phased over the next 10 years.

TIFF X Therme Talks: Presented by Therme Group, these talks will engage city-builders and leaders in discussions about how art and film promote the holistic growth of healthy, engaged cities and citizenship.

Cinematic Arts Installation: This art installation will take film into a gallery setting where visitors can not only experience the human connectedness that film provides in a new and unexpected setting, but also to reflect on the ways film can capture our shared human experiences.

TIFF Community Access: Recognizing that not every member of our community can access TIFF’s year-round and Festival programming, Therme Group is supporting TIFF’s efforts to bring film out into the community.

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Film and the City

"Art has been crucial to people since the beginning of human time. From cave painters onwards, people have looked to art to express the ineffable, to offer revelations, to dissolve anxieties and petty concerns, and to create connections with others."

—Human Cities: Increasing Urban Wellbeing (Therme Group Green Paper), p. 35

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