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When Billie Beat Bobby

Plus a side helping of John McEnroe vs. Serena Williams in the extended TIFF '17 Q&A

battleofthesexes 3
Oct 3, 2017

In Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton’s Battle of the Sexes — now in theatres — Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) is a champion athlete, closeted lesbian, and outspoken feminist, outraged that the National Tennis League won't allow equal pay for men and women. Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell), decades removed from his last championship and facing dwindling finances, proposes a publicity-snaring challenge: a $100,000 battle of the sexes.

King is more than game.

This past September, Billie Jean King herself — and, yes, Emma Stone — dropped in on the Toronto International Film Festival to relive her winner-takes-all match against the patriarchy with the film's international premiere. Watch the full Q&A below (where King also serves up some John McEnroe vs. Serena Williams gossip):

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