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Like chocolate and peanut butter, TIFFR and TIFF are finally together.

by Staff
Aug 25, 2018

It's a question we get asked a lot at this time of year: are TIFF and TIFFR (the film community's favourite site for planning their festival experience) in cahoots? The answer, for 2018, is yes!

Just in time for their 10th anniversary, TIFFR has joined us as a community partner for the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. This means you can (finally) shortlist TIFF films while actually browsing film pages on, at the click of a button. See that little heart at the top right of the film images? It's as easy as that. Then, log in to your TIFFR account and behold your beautifully curated list.

TIFFR turns the beloved process of attacking your Official Film Schedule with a series of differently coloured Sharpies into an entirely virtual experience. It allows you to see your draft schedule at a glance and make smart selections for back-to-back screenings (based, as always, on your own land-speed records for travelling from the Elgin to the Lightbox on foot, bike, subway, or Lyft), cramming more TIFF into your 11 days of the Festival.

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