Waito's Corner: Official TIFF 16 #FestHacks

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Waito's Corner: Official TIFF 16 #FestHacks

In part one, comic artist Adam Waito shows us all how to sneak into an exclusive celeb party

Sep 8, 2016

Adam Waito is an illustrator, a musician in the band Nancy Pants and a fan of Italian giallo movies. He is also the creator of the comic zines The Healing Cadaver (which debuted at TCAF 2016) and Special Agents, which found Mulder and Scully in all kinds of compromising positions. For this year's festival, we asked him to put all his comic energy into sharing the kind of super secret industry know-how that helps you navigate TIFF 16 like a pro. In part one, he slaps on a beret and sunglasses to accomplish the hardest task of all: sneaking into a celebrity party.