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Prepare to be Babashook

The Babadook comes out of the closet to slay

Jun 23, 2017

TIFF 6ix distills a week of Film Twitter into six essential reads on one topic. This week: The Babadook.

How did the Babadook get so gay? Maybe it was the years he spent trapped in a haunted children's book, or perhaps it was the day he realized that a top hat and some stiletto nail art really made his lewk complete. Either way, the internet has spoken and Pride's fiercest queen is the humanoid, Oscar Wilde–ian stalker from Jennifer Kent's 2014 Australian cult horror. Just look at the way he sashays his victims away — we are living for this psycho killer.

TIFF is taking our place in the Babaconvo with a Pride-themed screening on July 5. (Trigger warning: if you are seeing this movie ironically, it is designed to scare the Babajesus out of you.) But just in case you're not intimately aware of the hundreds of memes and fire tweets currently circulating the internet, find out how The Babadook went from cult film to the unofficial mascot of Pride Week with the following links. Remember, just like this weekend's overpriced foam parties, sponsored SKYN condoms, and drag performed to grating Katy Perry remixes of "Swish Swish," you can't get rid of the Babadook.

The Babadook Is Still the Scariest Movie on Netflix”
by Scott Meslow for GQ

“How the Babadook Became a Gay Icon”
by E. Alex Jung for Vulture

“The Babadook Is Apparently Now A Gay Icon And The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over It”
by Noah Michelson for The Huffington Post

“The Babadook Is A Frightening, Fabulous New Gay Icon”
by Aaron Orbey for The New Yorker

“Why Babadook Is the Perfect Symbol for Gay Pride”
by E. Young for Rolling Stone

“Get the Look: Gay Icon the Babadook”
by Michael Cuby for Paper


Join us at TIFF Bell Lightbox on July 5 for a fierce and fearsome celebration of our new queer icon's journey with a screening of The (Gay) Babadook! Tickets are now on sale.