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TIFF Long Take - Ep. 27: What Disney’s Netflix Breakup Means for Viewers

Indiewire's Anne Thompson on the streaming wars

Aug 18, 2017

Last week, at the Television Critics Association press tour, Disney made the surprising announcement that it will be removing its entire catalogue from Netflix by the end of 2019. The decision was viewed by many as the beginning of a change in the way that we view content, and has got many wondering what this means for Netflix — and for viewers.

To get the answers, Rob and Geoff sit down with IndieWire’s Editor-at-Large, Anne Thompson.

The three discuss how other major studios are reacting to this news (5:10), if any future streaming platforms will be able to reach the level of ubiquity that Netflix has (8:00), and if Netflix can survive on original content alone (11:45).

They also talk about how how streaming is killing the theatre business (15:10), what we can read into Shonda Rhimes jumping ship to Netflix (25:30), and who poses the biggest threat to Netflix moving forward (26:30).

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