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Curating The Internet: Cat Videos

Just for Cats Video Festival takes over the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and programmer Magali Simard shares her favourite online felines.

by Magali Simard
Mar 31, 2016

You haven't really seen the internet of cats until you see it on the big screen. Join us at TIFF Bell Lightbox Thursday, April 14 for the Just For Cats Video Festival, with special guest Lil BUB. Live and in (feline) person. For real.

People love cat videos. If you’ve been on the internet in the last five years this will not come as a surprise. But more than just love—we need cat videos. The cat video is the perfect symbol of everything great and terrible about the internet. It’s the most benign form of online schadenfreude to see the entitled personalities of our favourite cat stars embarrass themselves or show major signs of emotion. Within seconds we get a full narrative, and a viral sensation, just from a cat underestimating a jump.

A successful cat video will run the gamut of emotions: from comp lete self-confidence to absolute failure and shame; deep sleep to bolting-from-the-room alarm; nihilism to love and purpose.

They are the cutest creatures and buddies to grace our lives. Cats are better than dogs. There! I said it. To ask me to pick my ten favourite cat videos is like asking me to pick my 10 favourite children, if I had an internet's worth of children. But okay. Let’s do it.

Cat jump fails are probably the greatest. Just look at how much he stretches his hard little legs:

Embedded content:

Concentrate on this one’s back toes. It was a big attempt…and a big fail. I know it survived though.

Embedded content:

For something soothing, watch Lil’ BUB’s Yule log hour-long video. If you are hosting dinner at your place, having a romantic evening OR relaxing on your own, dim the lights and play this on your television for hours:

Embedded content:

Cats attacking kids and babies (I always root for the cat, always):

Embedded content:

I think we also envy how spoiled and entitled they are:

Embedded content:

We talked about big emotions being conveyed, so here are a few, human-like expressions:

  1. Very surprised cat: Embedded content:

  2. Very surprised cat #2: Embedded content:

This one. He is scary, I wouldn’t say no to him. I’d let him run my house. Is he wearing a mask? Does he love milk but hate life? It’s hard to tell.

Embedded content:

This one tried something that day:

Embedded content:

I can relate to the one on top. So much passion.

kitten fights
kitten fights