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TIFF Celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day 2018

Hear from a collection of Indigenous filmmakers, musicians, and artists about the stories they tell

Jun 21, 2018

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, TIFF honours the cultures and contributions made by the Indigenous artists, filmmakers, activists, and original keepers of our land, with a collection of video and Review articles that highlights their stories. To quote Jesse Wente in a keynote address he made for the Canadian Media Producer Association’s annual Prime Time event: “When my grandmother came out of that school in northern Ontario, she came out ashamed of who she was; she came out without her language; and she came out without our stories. Our stories are our survival.”

Here's 10 Stories To Read, originally published by TIFF:

1. The Seventh Fire

An interview with filmmaker Jack Pettibone Riccobono, producer Chris Eyre, and lead subject Rob Brown, about Native representation and the making of a documentary that centers on the Aboriginal gang crisis in America.

2. The Top 10 Indigeneous Films of All Time (originally published by CBC)

TIFF's Jesse Wente recommends 10 films made by Indigeneous filmmakers, including Canada's own Jeff Barnaby, Zacharias Kunuk, and Alanis Obomsawin.

3. Empathy Exists in VR

Canadian filmmaker Alan Zweig speaks to Indigeneous documentarian Lisa Jackson about her new VR documentary, filmed on the Highway of Tears where hundreds of Indigenous women go missing each year.

4. Before The Streets Allows Its Indigeneous Hero to Heal

TIFF Next Wave commitee member Isabel Coleman praises Chloe Leriche's film, set in a Atikamekw Nation community in Quebec and the first to be performed entirely in the Atikamekw language.

5. Through The Wormhole

Indigenous artists Skawennati, Jason E. Lewis, and Scott Benesiinaabandan imagine a Canada 150 years into the future and how it relates to their own artistic practice in this vivid conversation, conducted in Montreal.

6. The Most Remarkable Performance of the Year is Lily Gladstone's

Jesse Wente interviews emerging Indigeneous actor Lily Gladstone about her stunning performance, opposite Kristen Stewart, in Kelly Reichardt's Certain Women.

7. "Indigeneous Existence is Resistance"

The artists behind TIFF's new VR installation, 2167, discuss what "Aboriginal Futurism" means to them and why Canada's 150th birthday is not worth celebrating.

8. Yo, Adrian Ep. 22: Angry Inuk director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril

Yo, Adrian's Kiva Reardon and Fariha Roisin get an award-winning Inuit director on the podcast to talk about the politics of hunting seal meat and her new film, which was eight years in the making.

9. "For 150 years, people have been told lies about Canada's history"

Legendary documentarian Alanis Obomsawin shares her journey of how she became a filmmaker and why, at age 84, she can't stop fighting for Indigeneous rights and freedoms in her work.

10. "Imagine if You Knew our Stories Already"

As we consider the future of Canadian storytelling, the only way forward is to let those who have previously been silenced speak. Watch Jesse Wente's keynote speech at the Canadian Media Producer's Association.