Promotional Opportunities

Review our promotional and advertising opportunities below. Have questions? Call 416-599-8433 ext 2707.

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Industry Centre
Hyatt Regency
Scotiabank Theatre
Main P&I Screening Area
King Steet West
Take Your Message Outdoors

Promotional Advertising Spaces

Premium Standing Banner


Industry Centre
72” H X 96” W
Map Ref: B1–B10

Premium Standing Banners are located in a high-traffic space on the mezzanine level of the Hyatt Regency. There is a limited number so be sure to secure yours early.

Premium Hanging Banner


Industry Centre
70.9″ H X 96″ W
Map reference: D1–D7

Surrounding the main escalators, hanging banners offer maximum visibility and exposure. With various placement options to choose from, they are the perfect way to stand out in style.

Column Banner


Industry Centre
103″ H X 53″ W
Map reference: C1–C9

Capture delegate attention with four-sided banners, placed throughout the Industry Centre. Catch the eye of anyone visiting, from all directions.

With over 50 unique advertising placements, TIFF Industry provides targeted exposure to buyers, sales agents, producers, and press throughout the 10 days of the Festival. Our Industry locations garner over 150,000 visits during the Festival, guaranteeing the best visibility for your message. Spaces are limited, so contact us today!

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Standing Vertical Banner


Industry Centre
& Glenn Gould Studio

79″ H X 33.25″ W
Map reference: A1–A16

Located in the heart of the Industry Centre, these spots are highly coveted and draw the eye of all delegates visiting the space.

Hanging Vertical Banner


Industry Centre
79″ H X 33.25″ W
Map reference: G1–G9

Located within the central area of the Industry Centre. Double-sided for double the exposure.

Wall Projection


Industry Centre
Map reference: E1–E2

Project your advertisement alongside the main escalators to the mezzanine level — by far the largest space we offer — and animate your sales message for maximum impact.

Indoor Poster Boxes


Scotiabank Theatre
40″ H X 27″ W

Promote your film at our main Press & Industry screening location. Showcase your message to Industry delegates, Festival goers and the general public.

Outdoor Poster


King Street West
68″ H X 47″ W

As our highest-impact public-facing banners, these signs have a daily total of 45,000+ impressions during the Festival.

Window Decal


Glenn Gould Studio

Located at one of the main Industry attactions of the Festival – The Industry Conference – get your promotion onto the eyes of the almost 4,000 delegates who attend every year.

Outdoor Decal


King Street West

Market your film to both industry and public audiences. Located on the corner of the Hyatt Regency, outdoor decals capture the attention of anyone heading to the Industry Centre, Scotiabank Theatre, or TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Lobby Decal


Industry Centre

Located next to the main entrance, this space is one of the first things people see when they enter the building — and the last when they leave.

Elevator Decal


Industry Centre
103″ H X 53″ W
Map reference: F1–F8

A unique promotional opportunity with a high impact on all of the industry professionals staying or working at the Hyatt Regency.

Stairway Decal


Industry Centre

The entrance to the Industry Centre features a wide and welcoming staircase, ideal for prominent branding. A great way to grab the attention of industry, press, and guests as they arrive.

Packages start at $10,500

This 10-day rental includes space rental, advertising, access to Industry locations, accreditation, and public screening tickets.

Key Dates

2019 advertising bookings open
May 3
Delegate bag booking deadline
August 7
Deadline to buy advertising
August 16
Artwork submission deadline
August 18
Stand set-up
September 3
Industry Centre opens
September 3

Standard Stand Setup

Marketing Materials

- Large wall banner
- Two standing banners
- Display racks
- Branded workstation
- Reception desk


- Coffee table
- Lockable cabinet
- Shelving unit
- Meeting tables
- Sofa chairs


- LCD TV & stand
- Blu-ray player
- Phone for local calls
- Printer and copier
- Laptop and WiFi

Rules & Regulations

Our regulations allow you to promote all titles on your slate, in addition to subscriptions, locations, and technologies.

  • Outdoor signs are specifically for films in Official Selection.
  • All submitted artwork is subject to approval in accordance with TIFF’s advertising policy.
  • Please contact us if you require TIFF’s Official Selection logo.
  • Promotional ads and spaces are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Reserve your spot early!

The Festival offers five state-of-the-art, private screening rooms throughout TIFF Bell Lightbox and Scotiabank Theatre. Take advantage of our rental program to showcase films both in and out of our Official Selection.

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