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I Swan

Directed by Kong Sheng

  • Ages:
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • Grades:
  • 4
  • 5

A young girl defies Chinese law and black-market traffickers to nurse a wounded swan back to health.

Following the death of her mother, young Holly is unable to speak. Hoping that she'll recover when reunited with her father, Holly's grandparents arrange for her to join him at the wind farm where he works. While exploring, she encounters a wounded swan that she names Snowy, and with her dad's support begins to nurse it back to health, regaining her voice along the way. However, Holly soon discovers that due to widespread trafficking, swans have been declared protected animals in China and it is illegal to care for them in private homes. As she tries to keep Snowy safe until he's well enough to join his friends for the annual migration, their unlikely friendship becomes a journey of healing and perseverance... with a little crime-fighting along the way!

Themes: Friendship, animal protection, family, perseverance

Content Advisory: Discussion of parental death, limited strong language, smoking, limited physical violence (punching, kicking)

Director(s): Kong Sheng
Rating: PG
Language: Mandarin
Year: 2012
Country: China
Runtime: 98 minutes
Ages: 9 to 11
Grades: 4 to 5


Director Biography: Kong Sheng

Kong Sheng

Kong Sheng began his career as a cinematographer and television director in 1991, working on such series as Kong Fan Sen, and the television movie Adventure in Kanton, which won several Chinese Golden Eagle Awards (06) and the feature Edge of Survival (08). I Swan (13) is his latest feature film.