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Elizabeth Muskala

Elizabeth Muskala


TIFF Kids Programmer


Programming for the Festival since:

Desert-island films:
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Finding Nemo
The Princess Bride

Your favourite Festival programmer who is not you:
Jane Schoettle—great taste in and out of the cinema.

What do you do for the rest of the year when you aren’t programming for the Festival?
Work at TIFF Bell Lightbox on all the programming for children, youth and families, including the TIFF Kids International Film Festival each April. 


Too much work and not enough time!


TIFF Kids Programmer

As Director, TIFF Kids, Elizabeth Muskala oversees all aspects behind the organization’s extensive programming for children and families, namely as lead programmer and facilitator of the TIFF Kids International Film Festival, the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival and TIFF Kids selections at the Toronto International Film Festival®. 

A dedicated TIFF employee since 1996, Muskala has contributed to the organization in a number of capacities including as Director, Festivals and Events, Managing Editor of Publications, Gala and Special Presentations Coordinator and Director of Programme Administration. She has supervised and programmed Special Presentations for the TIFF Kids International Film Festival since 2002, celebrating her tenth Festival this year, and has helped to build the profile of the TIFF Kids Young People’s Juries and of the Special Presentations programme at the Toronto International Film Festival® 

Prior to joining TIFF, Muskala worked for a Toronto-based communications and investor relations marketing firm.