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Nous avions
From restless teens occupying an abandoned mansion to a family waiting for planes to land, the seemingly innocuous — but finally decisive — things people do with their hours supply the raw material for this observant, bright collection of shorts.

Short Cuts Canada



The best short films from emerging and established Canadian

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An introverted corporate up-and-comer finds himself seriously distracted by his colleagues’ naked antics in Wayne Robinson’s playful portrait of psychological vulnerability in the modern workplace.


Touching on love, sex, money, and art, Cassandra Cronenberg directs this formally daring inventory of human transactions, which tracks a young woman’s journey through an intoxicating sleepless night.

Der Untermensch

Staged against minimalist backdrops and accompanied by a hypnotic original score, Kays Mejri’s highly cinematic contemporary dance film depicts the persecution of homosexuals at the hands of the Third Reich.

Subconscious Password

Academy Award-winner Chris Landreth directs this playfully surreal 3D sojourn into the mind of a man struggling to avoid the embarrassment of forgetting a fellow party guest’s name.


In a story that plays out entirely on a teenager's computer screen, Noah follows its eponymous protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behaviour (and romance) in the digital age.

Portrait as a Random Act of Violence

Evoking themes of protest, destruction, and resurrection, this beguiling new work from visual artist Randall Okita transposes three-dimensional kinetic sculptures to the cinema screen.

Sam's Formalwear

A tuxedo-rental proprietor suffers a mid-life crisis on the occasion of his daughter's prom in this uproarious comic vignette from director Yael Staav.


Director Ian Lagarde (Vent solaire) returns to the Festival with this invigorating look at the group of rebellious Montreal youths on the cusp of adolescence.

Nous avions

A young aviation enthusiast’s obsession with the majestic Concorde is the basis for this poetic exploration of family, culture, and love, propelled by entrancing readings from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.

A Grand Canal

Director Johnny Ma wonderfully flouts formal conventions with this poetic portrait of a Chinese sea captain, for whom swooning Mandopop melodies offer respite from the drudgery of his duties.

Beasts in the Real World

Set in a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, this genre-bending delight rolls documentary, science-fiction, and animation together to form a savory cinematic maki.


Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski (Madame Tutli-Putli) direct this astounding 3D blend of live-action and animation, which introduces viewers to fantastical creatures and equally exotic settings.

Numbers & Friends

This first-person essay film puts viewers in the headspace of a young European as he attempts to immerse himself in North American culture via an obsessive devotion to baseball statistics.

The Sparkling River

A singular 3D drama that incorporates elements of mystery and science-fiction, this intriguing account of an unlikely encounter between a hermetic farmer and a young woman defies conventional classification.


Precocious newcomer Jasmin Mozaffari directs this bittersweet portrait of friendship and frustrated ambition, about a pair of Northern Ontario BFFs who dream of making it big in the city.


Ryan Flowers directs this charming documentary account of his friendship with Jimmy Leung, who dreams of becoming the next James Cameron despite his daily struggles with mental illness.


Amidst the chaos of the Biblical Armageddon, an ascending soul struggles to save his hell-bound brother in this fanciful slice of Monty Python-esque absurdity.


A typically cordial store manager rapidly loses his cool when a customer insists on using the staff-only washroom, in this riotous comedy from Trevor Cornish.


A young man confronts his parents with a startling admission in Jeremy Lalonde’s hilarious, vampiric twist on the traditional coming-out tale.

Paradise Falls

Wes Anderson meets the Brothers Grimm in this ambitious and fantastical take on the coming-of-age tale from director Fantavious Fritz.

Relax, I'm From The Future

A suicidal man receives a surprise visit from a future-dweller in Luke Higginson’s hilarious look at the cryptic logic of life.


Eva Cvijanovic’s dreamlike pen-and-ink animation is a marvelous maritime escapade, enveloping viewers in a beautifully ethereal underwater world.


Tantoo Cardinal (Dances With Wolves) and Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas) star in this satirical thriller about a German who travels to Canada to commune with nature and experience First Nations culture.

An Extraordinary Person

Actor Monia Chokri makes her directorial debut with this winning chronicle of a bachelorette party that descends into a bitter war of words.

Anatomy of Assistance

A rebellious teen sets off a fateful chain of events in this satirical send-up of the politics of academic administration.

We Wanted More

In this breathtaking psychological thriller from director Stephen Dunn, a singer descends into personal crisis on the eve of her first world tour.

Lay Over

In Jordan Hayes’ vibrant miniature variation on Before Sunrise, two young travelers cross paths during a layover in Los Angeles.

In guns we trust

Nicolas Lévesque’s short-form documentary introduces viewers to Kenneswa, Georgia, where firearm ownership is not only a constitutional right, but also a legally-codified obligation.


This highly suspenseful drama from actor-director Gregory Smith depicts an interrogator’s efforts to extract a confession under the intense scrutiny of his superior.


Filmmaker Kevan Funk chronicles the lonely days and sleepless nights of a middle-aged safety inspector, whose malaise mirrors the decline of the industrial landscape around him.

The Chaperone 3D

A DJ and a former teacher recall the stranger-than-fiction night that a motorcycle gang crashed a middle school dance in this one-of-a-kind 3D animated documentary.

Gloria Victoria

Theodore Ushev’s acclaimed 20th century trilogy concludes with this brilliant fusion of 3D and Russian constructivist-styled animation.

The End of Pinky

Claire Blanchet directs this visually stunning stereoscopic animation, adapted from Heather O’Neills eponymous slice of Montreal noir.


Director Bruce Alcock takes his inspiration from Chopin’s eponymous composition in this wonderful 3D animation, which pays tribute to the moments of beautiful chaos that can spring suddenly from the mundane.

Remember Me

This tragicomic look at narcissism in the social media age relates one man’s desperate struggle to make sure he remains on people’s minds, lest he actually seek to exist.

Young Wonder

Fanboy fantasies spring to vivid life in this adventure into the imaginations of a pair of youthful playmates.


A World War II paratrooper and a suburban slacker share a bizarre encounter in this sharply conceived and delightfully acted comedy.

A Time is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Gifted animator Leslie Supnet collaborates with Winnipeg storyteller Glen Johnson for this contemplative comic fantasy about a time-obsessed squirrel.